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Product Detail:

Zipper 'Tune-Up'(tm)
Micro-Powdered PTFE Dry Lubricant,
Clean, Non-Staining & Odor free

Designed for

Zippers ( Light and Medium duty)
Okay to use on plastic, nylon or metal Zippers


Zipper lubricant for Expensive garments primarily for indoor use.
Bridal gowns, prom gowns, party &evening wear

Application Directions:

Clean or wash garment first and remove any debris between Zipper teeth. Dust Zipper 'Tune-Up' on with micro-tip applicator, Work the Zipper a few times back and forth.

Remove any excess Powder by gently brushing the fabric with you hand.

Repeat above after any cleaning of the garment as cleaning will remove any Zipper Tune-Up remaining on the garment.

Extended Use recommendations:

-Door and Window Locks (Safe to use on sealed wood)
Drawer Slides (Safe for Kitchen use)
Children's back packs
Children Clothing
Sewing Machines
Embroidery Machines
Zippers on Furniture and Furniture Pillow covers

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