Labelle 3-104

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Product Detail:

Lock & Fishing Reel Oil
Medium Duty Lubricant
Contains PTFE**
**The Slickest substance known to man

Designed for

Both Indoor and Outdoor Key Locks
Great Choice for Lubricating Fishing Reels
Combination Locks
Outdoor Gate Hinges
Garage door Mechanisms & Hinges
RV and Outdoor Camper Locks

Application Directions:

First clean the lock and remove any debris or visible obstructions

Then apply a few drops of Labelle Micro-Lube inside the lock mechanism using our Micro-Tip extender

Also, apply a few drops of Labelle Micro-Lube to both sides of the key. Wait a minute or so to allow the Lubricant you put inside the lock to start spreading out.

This is good stuff ! A few drops are all you need, don't over lubricate.

Slowly insert the key, and twist the key back and forth gently to help spread out the lubricant into the lock mechanism including the tumbler area.

You should feel an almost immediate improvement in the operation of the lock mechanism.

If the lock has not been lubricated for months, repeat the above procedure again the next day so the lubricant can penetrate even deeper into the lock mechanism.

Extended Use recommendations:

  • Out door entry Locks, gate hinges
  • Padlocks
  • Bicycle Locks
  • Automobile Door Locks
  • Seat Belt Retraction mechanisms
  • Recreational Vehicle Locks
  • Garbage Can locks
  • Trailer Locks & Hitches

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