Model Train Lubes

Are you a “I guess this should work buyer?”

Did you know?

– Several of the largest model train manufacturers have bought Labelle  Lubes from us in bulk, and sent it to their China factories to use   in the production of their models. Unfortunately, due to customer   confidentiality we can not disclose their names, but you would   recognize the brand names instantaneously if we told you.

– Scale makes a difference when it comes to Model Train Lubes,   The smaller scales need a lighter weight lube than the larger scales.   So one lube for all scales is the not the correct route to go.

– If you are running in “DCC” mode, that flicker you are seeing in  the lights (especially the headlight), means the DCC “packet” is  not arriving to the decoder uninterrupted through the rails, either   the track is dirty or the motor/gear train is constantly “studdering”   for a micro second.

– Some the lubes you might be using ARE NOT plastic compatible with 100% of the plastics used to build model trains. All Labelle lubes
are 100% Plastic compatible, so you don’t have to worry about them damaging anything on your models.

– The Editorial Staff of both Model Railroader Magazine, and Railroad Model Craftsman both have Labelle sitting on their work benches.  And over the years have given Labelle glowing reviews as to quality and efficiency of lubricating model trains.

– Your expensive model trains need a dependable and time tested   lubricants to keep them running smoothly (especially when using DCC  controllers).

Labelle-Lubricants have been the #1 seller in Hobby and Model shops  selling model trains for over 43 YEARS (And we have sold almost
1,000,000 model train lubricants.

So when you are buying a lubricant for your trains are you just browsing the shelves of the local hobby store to find something you “think” might
work and be would be okay for your expensive model?

Or accepting a 2nd or 3rd grade Lube because it is the “only thing” the store has in stock, (or the store owner got a “good deal” on it from his supplier because it does not sell well.)

There have been a lot of imitations out there, and some are cheaper, but they are cheaper because they don’t have good quality ingredients. (You really get what you pay for.)

We have tested a large number of competing products, and found most of them are just off the shelf stuff you can buy in gallons at the local Auto Parts stores, some were kerosene based, one was just transmission fluid.  Ugh, both leave a residue and can damage most of the common plastics used to manufacture model train stuff.

Using Labelle takes the “guess work” out of deciding which lubricants to use on your expensive models.

Labelle PTFE**  infused lubricants are designed for the higher gear profile needed for your models, as well as 100% safe to use on plastics of all kinds.

You can be confident when buying Labelle Lubes that are designed for the purpose intended as well as time tested, and will not corrode or damage plastic parts and gears of your models.

They might be a bit more expensive than a brand “X” lube found in many stores but hey, you get you paid for!

Try some today, and if your not satisfied we will refund your purchase price within 30 days of Purchase!

** Commonly known as Teflon® trademark name is owned by DuPont Chemical.
“PTFE” has been called “the slickest substance known to man”