Other Uses

Recommended Products to use for:

- Smaller guide wheels
# 102 Lube with PTFE for wheel pivots and bearings
- Large wheels
# 106 grease with PTFE
Main axle bearings

Drawer & Window Slides Metal or Wood:
- Inside House
# 134 PTFE  powder (non staining and Oder Free
Safe to use with all types of wooden furniture with drawers
Kitchen drawers, bedroom and bathroom drawers

Locks-(Inside House)
# 134 PTFE powder
Door and window locks (Ok to use on wooden doors and windows,
will not stain wood.)

Locks (Exterior use)
# 102 Oil With PTFE
Exterior doors, window, padlocks,

Small Power Handtools  (Both Battery & Wall Powered)
#202 Oil with PTFE for trigger springs and exposed moving parts.
#206 Grease for high heat friction areas, such as high speed spinning