We at Labelle are incredibly happy to help Railserve.com bring you this free information on the status of the model train hobby.. please check back often to see the latest info on Train Shows in your area to see if any changes due to Covid-19.

Use the same Lubricants the Model Train Manufacturers use!

We have supplied for use on their products:

• Athearn
• Micro Trains
• Scale Rails
• Lionel
• Model Railroader Magazine (Labelle is the only model train lube they sell on their "online" Store and their editors
who review product have Labelle on their work benches.
• And of course, our own brand Con-Cor Trains are all factory lubed with Labelle.

Most Labelle Lubes are fully synthetic use the additive PTFE (aka Teflon™) This makes them a bit more expensive than our competitors but are economical to use as you only need a few drops for each application, and do not have to drown your model with excessive amounts of lubricant.

Most of our Labelle Synthetic lubes are also USDA Food Grade (H1) rated and safe to use around food. Per US Government Regulations we have links to Safety Dada Sheets for all our products on the Dashboard of our web site. (Many of our competitors do not comply with this)

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Using the latest Nanotechnology in Lubricants

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