2pak,oil+Grease PTFE Lubricant for all types and sizes of Newer and Vintage Fishing Reels, (both Fresh and Salt Water) safe to use around children and pets, easy to handle in a rocking boat and small enough to fit in any tackle box. Odor Free (Did you know fish can smell? Make sure the Lube you use now has no odor ! And replace it with these fantastic PTFE Reel lubes from Labelle today !


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Welcome to PTFE (aka Teflon) Lubricants. PTFE has been called the “slickest substance known to man” and increases the performance by around 50% over the common Oils and Greases sold by our competiors (Who by the way seem to want to “race to the bottom” and offer the cheapest quality oil and grease they can find, which is usually made and packaged for them in China using products of questionable quality that are cheap, but not very effective. Labelle chooses to “race to the top” and bring you the best and most effective Reel Oil and Grease that money can buy to keep your Expensive reels in tip-top condidtion, and help your revive Grandpa’s old Antique Reels to 1st class operating condition. Both are USDA (H1) Food grade Approved (means you an also use them on kitchen Appliances. Eco Friendly, Bio-Degradable and economical to apply using our pin point applicators. Did you know fish can smell? Our Oil and Grease are both Odor free so you don’t chase off fish with an oily smell as the lubricants you use on your reel are bound to get into the reel mechanism and onto your fishing line as well. Both products take up little space and can easily fit into your tackle box to be ready when you are out in the boat and you or one of your companions has a reel malfunction. In summation, try the best, not the cheapest, if it moves Lube it with Labelle.

  • PTFE known as the slipperiest substance known to man this item contains one 2oz bottle of PTFE oil and 1/2oz tube of PTFE Grease,
  • Precision applicators for clean and precise application, only few drop of oil and couple of dabs of grease are enough,one bottle can do 20-25 reel cleanings on average.
  • Compatible with all plastic and metal parts on your reel, some of our competitors products may not be!
  • Both lubes are “odor” Free (Fish can smell too, so if your old lube has an odor of anyking, throw it away, you might be driving the fish away
  • Buy these incredible PTFE reel oil and grease today and throw away those old Grandfather Era lubes you have been using, they might be doing more harm thn good to your fishing reels.