3 Incredible PTFE* Synthetic lubes Needed for Your Workbench, Basic Tool Kit, or Tackle Box, for Home,Shop or Office, 100's of Everyday uses. Every Job You do has to Finish with The Best Lubricants


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Superior PTFE* Lubes (3pak) for your Workbench or Toolbox. Two oils of different viscosity ISO 150 & ISO 68 and a NLGI “O” Grease that works great on those tiny gear boxes, “O” ring grooves, etc. All products are USDA (H1) Food grade Approved, and safe to use around pets. PTFE* has been called “the slickest substance known to man” An ESSENTIAL tool that belongs on any workbench or in any toolbox MAKES A GREAT GIFT for any Hobbyist or individual that works with tiny motors and gear boxes, small hand held or bench top motor tools, including R/C race cars, airplanes, drones, Model Railroading etc. Hundreds of uses around the Shop, Factory, Home or Office. Also a great addition to the tackle boxes of fishermen (works both for FRESH WATER, OR SALT WATER FISHING REELS. Over a MILLION sold since 1975, Labelle Lubricants is a trusted name among Hobbyists world wide. (All 3 items are eco-friendly,bio-degradeable and DO NOT require the California Prop 65 warning)

  • Labelle Lubricants need to be part of everyone’s toolkit. Just about anything you repair will need to be lubricated once the repair is finished
  • Easy to use pin point tip lubricant applicators included, easy to use, only need a few drops of these incredible PTFE* lubes
  • Find all Labelle Lubricant products by searching: Labelle Lubricants on Amazon
  • 106 Grease is great for food kitchen equipment “O” rings,and is available as Single Pak item, just search “Labelle Lubrincants” on Amazon
  • 100’s of other uses for these USDA Food Grade Approved lubes around the Home,Office,Shop,Factory,Laboratory