Angler Time Fishing Reel Lube – 0.5OZ Trial Size


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Compatible with All Salt/Fresh Water Reels
• Ball Bearings
• Spool Shafts
• Anti-Gumming
• Rust & Corrosion Inhibitor
• All Metals and Plastic Components
Temperature Protection
Range -40°F – 480°F For long-term storage,

Angler Time™ is a clean, dry, long life, high film strength, energy efficient, synthetic lubricant that significantly increases reel life and equipment reliability.

Angler Time™ rapidly and completely separates from water and provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

Angler Time™ Anti-Gumming formula keeps your reels protected during use and when storing. It is also safe to use on all plastics and metals. Convenient size bottle to fit your tackle box, boat, or to keep in your

It comes with easy needle applicator for those hard to reach spots.