Bicycles, wheelchair Oil and Grease (With PTFE*), non-staining, odor free, non aerosol easy to use applicator tips. Also for tri-cycles, roller skates, baby carriages, suitcase wheels, etc.


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Labelle (over 1 million sold) providing Hi-performance Lubricants since 1975 The specific Lubricants listed here are: DESIGNED FOR: -Bicycles of all sizes, both hobby and Professional, wheelchairs and service carts (If it has wheels, LUBE IT! ) Baby carriages, strollers, roller skates, Golf Bag Carts,wheeled suitcases, dozens of uses around the home and office. Buy the BEST, buy Labelle !

  • Use Oil on bicycle gears, and Cable or Chain Locks, Use Grease on Bicycle cables and rub points
  • Food Grade (H1) Lubes, so OK to use around babies, kids and pets
  • Not a messy Aerosol spray, easy to use pin point applicator
  • Contains *PTFE (Called the slickest substance known to man)
  • Eco Friendly Products, no harmful ingredients,no Cal Prop 65 warning required