DC/DCC Track Cleaner & Conditioner for All Scales Model Railroad Track from Atlas, Athearn, Bachmann, Kato, Walthers, Shinohara, Lionel, MTH, Williams, Marklin (Bonus Pak = 2 Bottles of Fluid and Accessory kit)


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• Cleaner & DCC conditioner all brands and scales of model railroad track

• Eliminates “Headlight Flicker” a sure sign of dirty track

• Labelle model railroad products are a name you can trust since 1975

• Used by editors at Model Railroader Magazine, as well as other model railroad magazines

Labelle DCC / DC Track Conditioner (For all Brands and Scales of model train track) Problem: A dirty track can be the biggest frustration of running trains on your layout. If your train’s headlight “flickers” when running down the track, that is a sure sign your “DCC packets” are not getting through uninterrupted. Also on most layouts of any size, 80% of your track is within reach and cleaned by hand, but what about the other 20%? Do you Need a step tool to reach the other 20% or to crawl around underneath? Description: Labelle DCC / DC Track Conditioner If operating in either “DC” or “DCC” mode, and your locomotives have “headlight flicker” or your Decoders are cutting in and out, it is a sure sign your track needs cleaning with this Product. Just clean your track with this product, and leave a micro-coating on the rails of LaBelle #105 and it will dramatically improve your DC/ DCC reliability. Procedure: #1) Just apply a few drops of the Labelle 105 Track Cleaner and run round Your trackage for about 15 circuits. #2) Clean off the Pad with a paper towel. Re-wet with more Labelle Track cleaner and do another 15 circuits. #3) You will notice the Labelle 105 leaves a film of Lubricant on the top of the rails.. THAT’S GOOD. That film will help your trains run more smoothly. Labelle 105 is a “Dielectric” fluid that allows better conductivity for your DCC trackage. #4) If the film is more or less “clear” you are good to go. If the film is still dirty looking, repeat Steps #1 and #2 until the film on the rails is “clear. IMPORTANT: Even if your track is fairly clean, running the track cleaning car with a bit of Labelle 105 on the Pad for a couple of loops just before every operating session will improve the running of your locomotives.


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