Easy to use Incredible Labelle PTFE Lubes,Ultimate Solution for Sewing Machine Motors & Parts,All Zippers Too! Few Drops Reduces Friction, wear/Corrosion,Makes Machine Run Smooth/Quieter Immediately


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A must have for Sewing Sewing Enthusiasts, 2 Pack of Sewing Machine & Zipper Lubricant, One is a PTFE motor lube, and 2nd is a PTFE Grease (aka Teflon) “the Slickest Substance known to man”. Both Products are Clean, non-Staining and Odor Free ! Easy to Apply with our pin-point oiler, and NOT a Messy Spray. Use on motor shafts, and other moving parts, the Grease for bearings and gears. etc. If you accidentally get some on a both be removed with Ultra-Dawn Cleaner. GREAT FOR USE ON VINTAGE SEWING AND EMBROIDERY MACHINES Please tell your friends on Social media about these wonderful Labelle PTFE “USA” made Products, stop buying the cheap imported China Products, it is terrible quality stuff..

  • Why you need a modern PTFE Lubricant to replace the old stuff you have been using? It might cost a bit more than old formula lubes, But drop by drop is is more economical to use as only few drops are needed.. Only few drops required each time
  • You will smile at the results, no more squeaking Sewing Machine, no more “name calling”adds longevity to your belowed machine.
  • Not a “straw” squirt bottle that makes a dribbling mess!
  • Both are food grade USDA (approved H-1) Safe to use around kits and Pets
  • Recommended for use on Jeep or boat canvas covers,tents with Zippers, sports bags with Zippers, etc

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