Labelle Range Time™ Gun Grease 100% Synthetic – 1 Oz Squeeze Bottle

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Designed to exceed Mil-Spec requirements for protecting and maintaining firearms:

Range Time™ Gun Grease is full synthetic and provides protection in the harshest environments.

Grease Grade NLGI “0”
Temperature Range -45F° – +450F°
Food Grade (H1) Approved & Kosher Certified**
Waterproof, Dielectric
Superior at low temperatures
Does not form gummy Deposits

It’s the ideal grease to use extreme cold, extreme heat, dry and/or wet conditions.
Whether Hunting, Training or on Duty, Range Time™ protects your firearms

Works on :
• Rifles
• Pistols
• Shotguns
• Full-Auto
• Suppressed

Low Odor
Easy to Apply Needle
Convenient Size bottle to fit in your Hunting or Range Bag
Long Lasting


Net Vol 1 fl oz. ( 29ml )