HO 1/87 Ferrari Testarossi 2-White,1 Black, Plastic Body,Metal Chassis from Old Con Cor Rt 66 Collector's Series,


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HO 1/87 Scale Model, part of Con-Cor Trains Route 66 Scale model series. Hi Detail plastic model, Many other models offered in this series, just search for ” HO 1/87 Scale cars and trucks ” on Amazon. Shop for Con-Cor Trains on Amazon, using con cor (Amazon does not like Hyphens “-” )

  • Perfect for HO Model Train fanatic, or “HO” Vehicle collector
  • Highly Collectible from 1999 (Found in back of warehouse)
  • Shop for more vehicles and rolling stock under “con cor”, not “con-cor” Amazon does not like hyphens “-“
  • Find a Coke Cola HO 1/87 Semi under “HO 1/87 cars and trucks”
  • Find a Wal-Mart Semi under “HO 1/87 car and trucks”