Incredible PTFE Lubes for improving Slot Car Speed and Performance (Both Analog & Digital) All Scales, All Brands by Labelle Lubricants (102+106)


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Labelle has making Incredible Lubricants and cleaning supplies for Hobbyists since 1975.All our major lubricants today contain PTFE (aka Teflon ) Using our products will result in an almost immediate improvement in the speed of your Slot car after using the Labelle Lube kit for Slot and Slot Track cleaning kit for you Slot car and Slot car Track.. Labelle is the #1 seller in Hobby Shops. You can Trust Labelle, over a million sold to date.

  • Labelle 102 is for motor and wheel bearings
  • Labelle #106 grease is for gear boxes and gears
  • You will see an immediate increas in performance after using our products
  • Please use Your social Media to tell about this great product,Both products contain no hazardous ingredients, both child and pet friendly
  • See companion Slot car and Track Cleaning kit Labelle # 135