Kitchen Grade Lubricants, USDA Food Grade (H1) 2-pak of PTFE Oil & Grease , home and commercial kitchen appliances-& All-around household use. Hi Heat Range, compatible with all plastic materials.


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Modern kitchen appliances are amazing. But for food “safety” they to be cleaned after every use, not just once in a while. Also if you don’t clean it on a regular basis, the gears, motors and tiny moving joints are going to get “gummed up” and the machine will not perform smoothly. Labelle has the only USDA Food Grade Approved lubricants you can buy in small easy to use and applicator packaging. Sure a large commercial kitchen can get “Food Grade” Lubricants in 5 gallon pails, But do you need a 5 gallon pail? This stuff is expensive because we have to do the extra regulatory steps needed to go through to get the required USDA approval. Use the oil for the tiny gears, motor shafts and other tiny moving parts, use the grease for the “O” ring seals and larger moving gears. Labelle is the highest quality you can buy, so only a few drops are needed each time you clean. so one bottle or tube lasts a long time.

  • Easy to apply applicator tips, only few drops of oil, or grain of rice size dabs of grease needed with each cleaning.
  • USDA approved for all other Kitchen equipment that needs regular cleaning
  • Price is not the issue here, Safety is, don’t use a Petroleum based Lubricant on Food Preparation equipment that may damage some of their plastic components (Especially “O” rings)
  • Safe to use on all kitchen appliances, food truck equipment, and general household use
  • Compatible with all plastic and metal components used in Food Service Equipment