KN95 Facemask 5- Pak (with CE certification)


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These masks are one level below “Medical Grade” and identified as NOISH Masks, intended for use in the

Construction Trades and other Industrial uses also for civilian use. Intended for both Indoor and Outdoor use.

Some “TLC” can add to the usable lifetime of “Disposable” Masks”..

NOTE: This IS NOT a recommendation. Only a tip that might help you extend the life of a “Disposable Mask”

  All the masks we sell are of Disposable variety. What that means is that they were designed to be
used only once for a few hours and then thrown away.

  But you should be able to get maybe as many as 5-7 days out of one mask if you clean the mask every night
by washing and soaking it in hot water with a laundry detergent that has a small percentage of chlorine bleach**. (Straight
Bleach is too strong and will probably destroy the elastic bands that hold the mask tightly in place on your
face. Then let it air dry for a few hours.

  The weakest link in the face masks is the elastic bands that hold it tightly against your face, once they
become loose, the mask has no further use and you need to start over with a brand new mask.

  **Some Laundry detergents have what they call a “Bleach Additive”, this is a chemical that has not much of a
germ or virus-killing properties so avoid using it for cleaning your mask.

DISCLAIMER: Seller makes no claims as to the suitability or performance of

any of these Products, it is up to the buyer to investigate the current situation and

decide for himself/herself the suitability of the products offered for the buyer’s intended use.

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