Labelle #107 medium oil for “HO” / “S” / “O” / “On3” and Larger Scale locos



Labelle #107 medium oil for “HO” / “S” / “O” / “On3” and Larger Scale locos
Additional Suggested Uses:
LaBelle #107
is an Extremely versatite lubricating oil and has an unlimited number of light duty uses for home, office, or labratory
such as —

  • For HO, S, O, Lionel and Garden size scale model railroads- (OK to apply directly to motor brushes and bearings). Axle bearings on both cars and locos, larger HO locomotives, including Steam Engine Valve gear.
  • Larger RC Models, Motor Brushes and bearings, axle bearings, servo pivot points.
  • Computer Fans, and bearings on all Computer Printers.
  • Power Tools
  • Other uses: Fractional Horsepower motors, tiny bearings, sewing machines, large Fishing Reel mechanisms, drawer slides door and window locks, precision instruments, and large Clock mechanisms.
  • Small locks of all sizes.

1 review for Labelle #107 medium oil for “HO” / “S” / “O” / “On3” and Larger Scale locos

  1. Mike Curl aka RedonKiLaus

    The last time I bought Labelle oil it was type 107. That was about 15 years ago. One bottle will last a very long time if used for items such as trains, cars, and other plastic toys with moving parts. I searched several local hobby shops and could not find Labelle, so I was happy to find it on Amazon. This is the only oil I know of specifically formulated for use on plastic that doesn’t appear to harm the plastics by making them brittle. I recommend this oil for folks needing to lubricate items such as LGB G-scale or Athern HO scale trains to keep them in top operating condition.

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