Labelle #107 medium oil for “HO” / “S” / “O” / “On3” and Larger Scale locos (Upgraded Formula as May 2019!



Labelle #107 is an extremely versatile lubricating oil and has an unlimited number of light-duty uses for home,
office, or lab.

Such as:
• For HO, S, O, Lionel, and Garden size scale model railroads.(OK to apply directly to motor brushes and bearings). Axle bearings on both cars and locos, larger HO Locomotives, including Steam Engine valve gear.
• Larger RC models. Motor Brushes and bearings, axle bearings, servo pivot points.
• Computer Fans, and bearings on allComputer Printers.
• Other Uses: All fractional Horse-power motors, tiny bearings, sewing machines, large Fishing Reel mechanisms, drawer slides, door and window locks, Precision Instruments, and large Clock mechanisms.
• Small locks of all sizes.

1 review for Labelle #107 medium oil for “HO” / “S” / “O” / “On3” and Larger Scale locos (Upgraded Formula as May 2019!

  1. Mike Curl aka RedonKiLaus

    The last time I bought Labelle oil it was type 107. That was about 15 years ago. One bottle will last a very long time if used for items such as trains, cars, and other plastic toys with moving parts. I searched several local hobby shops and could not find Labelle, so I was happy to find it on Amazon. This is the only oil I know of specifically formulated for use on plastic that doesn’t appear to harm the plastics by making them brittle. I recommend this oil for folks needing to lubricate items such as LGB G-scale or Athern HO scale trains to keep them in top operating condition.

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