Labelle 2 fl oz | Truck and Car Lock De-Icer

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Labelle announces our new Truck and Auto-Lock De-Icer!

(Also Great to use on all vehicles with sticky Keyed Ignition Switches!

Be Prepared!

Plan ahead and buy a few bottles of Labelle De-Icer today one for home and one for office, or winter cabin, and keep on hand for when that “OMG” date arrives, and your vehicle has frozen door locks. (Or if you have an outdoor Quad or Snow Mobile with a Frozen Ignition switch.)

Labelle makes 2 sizes, a convenient “Travel Size” and a 2 oz “Family Size”

Travel Size:

Easy to pack to take with you on that winter wonderland trip, and **TSA won’t care because our Labelle De-Icer is not an Aerosol.
What if your rental car has its lock Freeze, you will be miles from a gas station or convenience store that sells any kind De-Icer product.

Buy Labelle Travel size De-Icer today and put it in your travel kit so you don’t have to worry about it at the last minute.

**TSA frowns on taking Aerosols onto aircraft, and just about all the “Car” De-icers we have found come in an Aerosol can.

Family Size: (Best Value)
Generous 2 oz Size, can be used many times, instead of just once as most aerosols are designed for. Long shelf life, if you won’t use it this winter, if you keep in a room temp location it will be ready for use for at least 12 months.

Features of Labelle De-Icer:

– Same Alcohol-Free and Environmentally Friendly formula that most major airlines use today to “De-Ice” their aircraft.

– Pet friendly (Many of the Aerosol Deicers have chemicals that  (are dangerous to use around Pets.)

– Squirts the De-Icer directly INTO the lock, not a spray that you aim “at” the lock and most of it makes a mess on the vehicle door or worse, if a windy day, blows the spray back on your gloves and clothing, and you smell like a chemical the rest of the day and have to have your clothes washed or dry cleaned to get rid of the odor.

– Multiple-use Package:
Most Aerosol De-icers come in a “one time” use package

Even the small Pocket Size Labelle De-icer should be good for 2-4 uses.

Mention this great product to your relatives and friends, they need to be prepared also!

Typical Uses:
• Auto & Truck Locks, RV’s, (Also Keyed Ignition Switches on any vehicles.)
• Outdoor Pad Locks
• Snow Mobiles & Quad Ignition Keyed Ignition Switches.
• Motorcycles
• Bike Locks
• Building Locks
• Ski bindings
• Trailer Hitch Locks