Labelle 2pak -0.5oz De-Icer and 0.5oz of Lock Lube



Labelle 2pak Deal  – Order a .5oz of De-Icer and .5oz of Lock Lube. ($14.59 Retail value)

Labelle announces our new Truck and Auto Lock De-Icer !

Be Prepared !

Living where winter still has 3-4 months left?

Planning on a trip to a Ski area, or Grandma’s house where winter still has 3-4 months left?
(Some Ski areas plan to be open till April 15th this year)

Buy some De-Icer today to take with you on that winter trip, or keep in your garage when that “OMG” date arrives, and your vehicle has frozen door locks.

Labelle makes 2 sizes, a convenient “Travel Size” and a 2 oz “Family Size”

Travel Size:

Easy to pack to take with you on that winter wonderland trip, and **TSA won’t care because our Labelle De-Icer is not an Aerosol.
What if your rental car has its lock Freeze, you will be miles from a gas station, or convenience store that sells any kind De-Icer product.

Buy Labelle Travel size De-Icer today and put it in your travel kit so you don’t have to worry about it at the last minute.

**TSA frowns on taking Aerosols onto aircraft, and just about all the “Car” De-icers we have found come in an Aerosol can.

Family Size: (Best Value)
Generous 2 oz Size, can be used many times, instead of just once as most aerosols are designed for. Long shelf live, if you  won’t use it this winter, if you keep in a room temp location it will be ready for use for at least 12 months.

Features of Labelle De-Icer:

– Same Alcohol Free and Environmentally Friendly formula that most  major airlines use today to “De-Ice” their aircraft.

– Pet friendly (Many of the Aerosol Deicers have chemicals that  (are dangerous to use around Pets.)

– Squirts the De-Icer directly INTO the lock, not a spray that you   aim “at” the lock and most of it makes a mess on the vehicle door   or worse, if a windy day, blows the spray back on your gloves and
clothing, and you smell like a chemical the rest of the day and   have to have your clothes washed or dry cleaned to get rid of the   odor.

– Multiple use Package:
Most Aerosol De-icers come in a “one time” use package

Even the small Pocket Size Labelle De-icer should be good for 2-4 uses.

Typical Uses:
• Auto & Truck Locks, RV’s
• Outdoor Pad Locks
• Snow Mobiles & Quad ignitions
• Motorcycles
• Bike Locks
• Building Locks
• Ski bindings
• Trailer Hitch Locks



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