Labelle 3-106 PTFE Synthetic Grease for Power Tools


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PTFE Synthetic Grease
For All motorized hand or Bench tools   with high speed Flexible shafts, Bearings, and Gears   Motorized Hand Tools   and   Lawn and Garden Tools
**Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Contains *PTFE
*The Slickest substance known to man

** U.S.D.A authorized/NSF listed food Grade lubricant

Recommended For: Items listed below used Commercially
with heavy or daily use.

Operating Temperature Range:  -35F to + 450F
(Temperature  Range is much wider and more  practical to use for your
equipment than the commonly sold “Lithium” base Grease for this purpose.
Lithium Greases rarely work well about +350 operating temperatures.)

Motorized Hand tools such as Dremel, Foredam and similar
multi purpose tools used daily or for Commercial Use. As well as all bench
top powered tools used for Commercial Use.
Bearing Races and Gear Sets including worm gears.

Food Grade Lubricant for powered Commercial Kitchen mixers, blenders,
ice machines, humidifiers, beverage making machines, etc.

Commercial Grade *PTFE Grease Lubricant


Snip off tip of grease tube very close to the point. So you will be
able to dispense grain of rice size droplets of grease.

#1) Make sure the power cord is unplugged, or on-off power switch
is temporarily disabled. Clean any old lubricant, or visible debris off
of the item to be cleaned with an old toothbrush. Wipe with a clean

#2) Apply a few drops of Grease with the pin point applicator tip where
any moving parts rub together, open case or remove cover and lubricate any
bearings and motor shaft.

#3) Turn power back on and run item being lubricated for 20-30 seconds
You should notice a improvement in the sound level.

Repeat Step #2.
If the item has not been cleaned in a while, one application of
grease is usually not sufficient to restore top performance. So Just
repeat Step #2.

It will take a little time for the *PTFE grease to work its way around
into the device gearing mechanism. The grease spreads out by contact
and not by gravity. So the longer the device runs, the more
the grease spreads throughout the drive mechanism.

Steps #1, #2 and #3 should be repeated about twice a month for a tool
that is used daily. Only takes a few minutes to insure continued top
performance of your tools.

Or if tool or kitchen item or has been sitting for 2 months or
more unused.

Also try our companion *PTFE Oil Labelle- #302 for smaller tools, or
smaller tools used Commercially on an everyday basis.

• Rotary Drill hand tools
• Oscillating Hand tools
• Dental Drills (Product is USDA approved Food Grade)
• Small table top Lathes
• Office printers, both desktop and floor stand models
• 3-D Printers
• Small Robotic Arms (Product is USDA approved, if used in a Commercial   Kitchen
• Powered Garden tools such as  Weed eaters , Pruning Clippers
• Sewing Machine Mechanisms
• Embroidery Machine Mechanisms
• “O-Ring” Grooves
• Out door Locks of all sizes
• Padlocks
• Bicycle Locks
• Automobile Door Locks
• Recreational Vehicle & Trailer Locks
• Trailer Hitch Locks
• Computer Cooling Fans


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