Labelle 3-134 Lock & Hinge Micro-Powder Dry Lubricant


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Lock & Hinge ‘Tune-Up'(tm) Micro-Powdered PTFE Dry Lubricant,
For Indoor Use Clean, Non-Staining & Odor free


Indoor use ( Light and Medium Locks, Drawer Slides etc.)


An Easy to use, Clean, Non-Staining and Odor Free Lubricant
For indoor use. Will not discolor or stain paint and woodwork

Pet Safe !


First clean the lock and remove any debris or visible obstructions

Then insert the tip of our Micro-Tip extender and gently squeeze the bottle and apply a dusting of Labelle Micro-Lube Tune-UP(tm) inside the lock mechanism

Also, apply a dusting of our Micro-Lube to both sides of the key. Wait a minute or so to allow the Lubricate you put inside the lock to start spreading out.

This is good stuff ! A little dusting is all you need, don’t over lubricate.

Slowly insert the key, and twist the key back and forth gently to help spread out the Labelle Lock TuneUp(tm) into the lock mechanism including the tumbler area.

You should feel an almost immediate improvement in the operation of the lock mechanism.

If the lock has not been lubricated for months, then repeat the above procedure again the next day so the lubricant can penetrate even deeper into the lock mechanism.


• All Door and Window Locks (Safe to use on sealed wood)
• Drawer Slides (Safe for Kitchen use)
• Patio Door Slides
• Window Slides
• Door Hinges
• Cabinet Hinges in the Kitchen,Bathroom, and Bedroom
• Home Safes & Cabinet Safes
• Indoor Gun Safe’s

General advice : No applicable data available.
Inhalation : Move to fresh air in case of accidental inhalation of fumes from overheating or
combustion. Consult a physician.

Skin contact : No hazards which require special first aid measures. Wash off with soap and
water. Cool skin rapidly with cold water after contact with molten material. Do
not peel polymer from the skin. Consult a physician.

Eye contact : Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes. Get
medical attention immediately.

Ingestion : Not a probable route of exposure. However, in case of accidental ingestion, call
a physician.


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