Labelle 302 *PTFE Synthetic Oil For Light – Medium Use Motorized Hand Tools


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*PTFE Synthetic Oil   For all Light- Medium Use  Motorized Hand Tools    and    Computer Printing Mechanisms,
**Kitchen Appliances

Contains *PTFE
*The Slickest substance known to man

** U.S.D.A authorized/NSF listed food Grade lubricant

-Motorized Hand tools such as Dremel, Foredam and similiar
multi purpose tools. Cordless tools ,Drills, Impact and Saws. As well as all bench top powered tools.

-Food Grade Lubricant for powered Kitchen mixers, blenders,
ice machines, humidifiers, beverage making machines, etc.

Multi-purpose Lubricant

#1) Make sure the power cord is unplugged, or on-off power switch
is temporarily disabled. Clean any old lubricant, or visible debris off
of the item to be cleaned with an old toothbrush. Wipe with a clean

#2) Apply a few drops of Oil with the micro-tip applicator where any
moving parts rub together, open
case or remove cover and lubricate any bearings and motor shaft.
Let sit for a few minutes at an angle where gravity will help the oil
work its way into the mechanism.

#3) Turn power back on and run item being lubricated for 20-30 seconds
You should notice a improvement in the sound level.

Repeat Step #2.
If the item has not been cleaned in a while, one application of
oil is usually not sufficient to restore top performance. So Just
repeat Step #2.

Steps #1, #2 and #3 should be repeated after every 4-5 hours of actual use,
of if tool or kitchen item or if tool has been sitting for 2 months or
more unused.

Also try our companion Grease Labelle- 3206 for larger tools, or
smaller tools used Commercially on an everyday basis.

• Rotary Drill hand tools
• Drills
• Impact Wrenches
• Electric Saws
• Oscillating Hand tools
• Dental Drills (Product is USDA approved Food Grade)
• Small table top Lathes
• Office printers, both desktop and floor stand models
• 3-D Printers
• Small Robotic Arms (Product is USDA approved, if used in a Commercial
• Powered Garden tools such as
Weed eaters
Pruning Clippers
• Sewing Machine Mechanisms
• Embroidery Machine Mechanisms
• “O-Ring” Grooves
• Out door Locks of all sizes
• Padlocks
• Bicycle Locks
• Automobile Door Locks
• Recreational Vehicle & Trailer Locks
• Trailer Hitch Locks
• Seat Belt Retraction mechanisms
• Computer Cooling Fans


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