Labelle Best Synthetic Lubes for Lego™ Motorized:Powered UP,Creator,Technic,Labelle's PTFE Oil & Grease. for Tiny Motors and mechanisms. Uses Pin-Point Tip applicator, 1 Seller in Hobby Shops


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Labelle specializes in Lubricants for anything with tiny motors, gears, and other moving parts. our #102 & #106 Synthetic Oil & Grease are a perfect match for all motorized Lego Toys. Labelle has sold over a million lubes since 1975 to Model Train and RC model enthusiasts and is the #1 seller in Hobby Shops. Many hobby manufactures use Labelle at the factory level on the final assembly Line. You can not buy better Lubricants for Your Lego Powered Up, Creator, and Technic motorized items. “If it moves, Lube it” is our motto. Labelle also makes many other types of Lubricants for: Shop, Office, Home, Laboratory, Factory. Just Type “Labelle Lubricants” into your search bar.

  • #102 is a Synthetic PTFE (aka Teflon) medium weight oil, not drippy, safe on all plastics, need only a few drops on motors as needed
  • #106 is a Synthetic PTFE medium weight Grease, few dabs size of grain of rice is all you need per application on gears and other moving parts of the mechanism.
  • Both are USDA (H1) Food Grade Eco-Friendly, Bio-Degradable, so you can find plenty of other uses around the house,office,shop,factory for them.
  • PTFE* has been called the slickest substance known to man
  • Enter “Labelle Lubricants” into Amazon Search Bar for our complete line of Home,Office,Shop & Factory Lubes