Labelle is Essential for Jewelry Repair, Watches, Clocks, Tiny mechanisms & Motors Workbench Power Tools.All 3 Contain PTFE (aka Teflon™) 100% Synthetic lubes,Apply Drop by Drop from Labelle(1004)

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Labelle Lubricants are designed for tiny mechanisms and gear assemblies such as found in watches, tiny gear boxes, clocks of all descriptions, toy trains, toy RC models, and dozens of other popular uses. Labelle was one of the first companies to change to PTFE (aka Teflon) fully synthetic lubricants. They are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. Labelle Lubricants has been a leader in the specialty Lubricant field. Having sold over 1 million since 1975, you can trust our product reliability. This kit consists of 3 different lubes. #302 is an ISO 150 medium weight Oil, #107 is an ISO 68 light weight oil, and the #106 grease is rated as NLGI “O” thickness grease. Our competitors rarely tell you what is in their bottles or tubes! Our pinpoint oiler tips allow you to just use enough to do the job, drop by drop. Please give us a good rating after you test all of them out.

  • Not a messy spray can or harmful aerosol that can foul the environment with nasty chemicals.
  • Economical to use, just a few drops for each project are needed
  • See the complete list of all Labelle Lubricants by just typing in Labelle Lubricants in the Amazon Search Bar
  • All 3 lubricants in this kit are Food Grade (USDA H1) Approved
  • 100’s of other uses for all 3, a partial list of suggested uses is provided with image selection #3, kit includes 6″ needle exteder to reach deep into mechanisms without having to dis-assemble them.