Labelle Lock Lube 2Pak – for all types of locks


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Labelle #3104 oil with PTFE**

(Recommended for all Outdoor Locks)



Labelle Lock Lube #3104 Lock Oil with PTFE**

Additional Suggested Uses:

• Outdoor Door and Window Locks- Deadbolts
•  Outdoor window frame slides and Patio Door slides
•  Outdoor Padlocks
•  Gate Locks
Garage Door Opening Mechanisms


PTFE** has been called “the slickest substance known to man” is is the parent chemical of “Teflon” which is registered trademark of Dupont Chemicals.


Labelle #3134? PTFE** Micro Powder Dry Lubricant

Clean-Non-Staining & Odor Free

(Recommended for all Indoor Locks)


Additional Suggested Uses:
LaBelle #3134 is an Extremely versatile lubricating Dry Powder and has an unlimited number of light duty uses for home, office, or Laboratory.

100% dry PTFE* non-staining powder, it is easily brushed off clothing, or your valuable paperwork.

• Also works great to free stuck Zippers on clothing, brief cases with zippers, garment bags
• Backpacks, gym bags, sports equipment bags
• Drawer slides that might come in contact with clothing or uniforms at home or office.
• Indoor locks of all sizes.
•  Outdoor and Indoor Locks
•  Deadbolts
•  Windows Locks and Slides
•  Sliding Door Locks and Slides
•  Padlocks
•  Safe Locks.


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