Labelle Lubricants 2-Pak, Labelle Lock De-icer (not a Messy aerosol) All Vehicle Doors,Truck & RV Locks, and Any Vehicle a Exterior keyed Ignition Switch as ATV's,Snow blowers,Snowmobiles,etc.


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SKU: 430-04025


Labelle De-Icer is safe to use, and not a messy (and sometimes even dangerous one time use aerosol) (If you need a larger quantity than our 12 unit package, please see message at the end of this message Buy a couple today and keep one at home , and 2nd one at office. So if you get up in the morning and it froze over night, or if it froze while at work you have the solution ready in a kitchen drawer, or in your office desk. Buy a few extra’s as they make great gifts for Christmas, Relatives,Birthdays or for someone who already “has everything” Farmers Almanac says we are in store for a rocky ride this coming winter. Be Prepared, the day of the first big storm is not the time to try to order your Labelle De-icer on line. Labelle uses Same Alcohol free and Environmentally Friendly formula that most major airlines use to “De-Ice” their aircraft. Convenient to use, and Odor FREE! Our Pin-Point tip Squirts the De-Icer fluid directly INTO the lock, not a messy spray you aim “at” the lock and most of the fluid makes a mess on the vehicle door, OR WORSE,if a windy day, blows the spray back on your gloves and clothing, and you smell like a chemical the rest of the day and have to have your clothes washed or dry cleaned to get rid of the odor from the aerosol container. Many of our competitors come in a single use disposable aerosol containers, our large 2-Oz bottle can be re-used many times over, (About 4-5 applications are average per bottle.) Mention this great product to your relatives and friends, they need to be prepared also! Additional uses: Motorcycles, Bike Locks, Ski-bindings, Trailer hitch locks. See Farmer’s Almanac maps of USA and Canada with predictions for the 2021-2022 winters in clickable link below the Large Product photo. If you are a Business and wish to buy for re-sale we can set up up with a business account. just contact us through the Amazon eMail system. Also available for School districts,etc

  • Plan ahead, to late to order when storms arrive, suggest the 2 pak one for home and one for workplace in case storm hits while you are at workplace
  • Each 2-oz bottle has enough for 4-5 Applications on aveerage
  • Odor Free, Pet Safe, Eco Friendly formula used by major airlines
  • Please read Full Description below, which has much more information for you
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  • Part number: 430-04025
  • Fit type: Universal