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Great New Oil Pen and Mod Lubricant and Kleaner from Labelle Lubes !!

Having a problem of taking apart your Ego style Oil Pen or Mod for Re-filling? Labelle makes the best Micro-Lubricant & Kleaner made specifically for Ego Style Oil Pens and Mods. Designed to extend the life and ease of use of your Ego Style Oil Pen or Mod vaporizer.

Why do you need a Lubricant and Kleaner for your Oil Pen or Mod devices you ask? Well, from some of our staff’s own experience they found that after a few days of use they become hard to take apart as the threads which hold the components together get gummy from the e-Juice, oils from your skin, cosmetics you may use etc. and then the Oil Pen or Mod will seize up and be very difficult to take apart.

You don’t want to dis-figure your device by having to use a pair or pliers to take them apart. So by taking a few minutes every few days to do a little Preventive Maintenance, you can make using your device trouble-free.


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