Labelle-Virus-Keypad-Guards / Bag of 50


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Packaging 50 pc per zip-lock bag.

Warning: Latex Product (If you are allergic to latex do not order this product.)


Wearing safety gloves all the time can be a real nuisance.

These Fingertip protectors are intended for ONE TIME only.

Slip one on when you encounter a keypad or touch screen kiosk.
use one and immediately dispose of it when finished.

(Do not put it back in your pocket or purse, as now you might have a virus contaminated
item in your pocket or purse.)

Every one of us runs into them many times a day, often without thinking about it, or how
many people before us used that particular keypad or touch screen

Here are just a few examples:
• Bank AMT Machines.
• Gas Pump keypads
• Fast food ordering touch screens, and payment terminals
• KeyPads for Gate openers (Apartment complexes etc.)
• Keypads at work for Security Doors (used by many different people during the day)
• Keyboards on Computers that might be used by multiple people during the day
• Keypads on Office Copiers (used by different people during the day.)
• Real Estate Lockboxes
• Commercial Building Entry keypads
• Parking Garage keypads
• Your phone touch screen (have you ever handed your phone to someone else who might cough on your phone)

.. I am sure you can think of more, life is filled with a lot of keypads, and touch screens
that we never realize we are using day after day.