Is you Pet a chewer or licker? Most are, so you need a PET SAFE Lubricant to use around them. Top 2 Selling Food Grade Labelle Lubricants for use around Pets.. for those who are Budget Minded.


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Labelle’s 2 pack of lubricants are safe to use around pets.
Both have (USDA) (H1) Food Grade Ratings

Top Recommended uses:
• Dog/Cat Crate/Kennels Hinges and Latches
• Doggy Doors
• Chair/Table Casters
• Safety Gates
• Bin lid hinges (Examples Dog/Cat Food Storage lids, trash cans)
• Kitchen Drawer hinges and slides
• Zippers
1000s of other safe areas to use around the house.

Great for Homes, RVs and Pet Clinics

Labelle #302 with PTFE
ISO Grade 150
Temperature Range -45F° – +450F°
Food Grade (USDA H1) Approved & Kosher Certified
Waterproof, Dielectric
Superior at low temperatures
Rust and Corrosion inhibitor

Labelle #106 Micro Grease Lube w/PTFE*
Grease Grade NLGI “0”
Temperature Range -45F° – +450F°
Food Grade (H1) Approved & Kosher Certified**
Waterproof, Dielectric
Superior at low temperatures
Does not form gummy Deposits