Sewing Machine 2-pak Oil and Grease

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Labelle First Improvement in Sewing Machine Oil in 30 Years, Remarkable lubes with *PTFE additives: Quiets and Reduces Friction, Improves Longevity, You Will Smile Once you see/hear the results.


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   Labelle Sewing Machine Oil with PTFE (aka Telfon) provides superior protection for your sewing machine, as well as probably adds to the life of the machines as well as postpones or eliminates costly repairs to the sewing machine Consult your Machine’s online Instruction booklet for where to oil or grease your machine (labelle Sewing Machine Gease is available as a seperate item.) *PTFE additives have been called “The Slickest substance know to man” Say goodbye to frustrations with your sewing machine, after re-lubing your machine with Labelle ( You will be smiling again after a few days) Convenient size for easy storage in your Sewing Basket, one bottle or tube goes a long way since only few drops needed per application

2-Pak, one oil and one grease, consult your Machine’s online Instruction booklet for where to oil or grease your machine. Some brands say you don’t need to lube, that’s silly. anything with fast moving parts needs to be cleaned and re-lubed often.





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