Sticky Door Lock ? Labelle Lock LUBE 2PAK – for All Sorts of Sticky Locks, Indoor and Outdoor, Best Lubes You can Buy, Odor Free, not a Messy Spray, economical to use ! Compatible with All Plastics


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Lubes for indoor or outdoor locks, and one Dry Powder *PTFE(aka Teflon) for inside locks, drawer slides, deadbolts, Door Hinges, Filing Cabinet Locks, Document and Gun safes, etc Not a messy harmful to the environment spray or aerosol. PTFE has been called the “slickest Substance known to man” Extended uses: All Labelle Lubes are 100% synthetic, USDA (H1) Food approved so OK to use around the Kitchen and food preparation areas, 100’s of other possible uses around the home or business. We have sold over 1 million units since 1975. If not completely satisfied you may return within 30 days for your money back. #302 is an ISO 150 Synthetic blend with PTFE additive. #3104 is 100% Telfon powder Our competitors never tell you what is actually in their oil, they try to sell you the package and not the contents. Labelle is the #1 selling Lubricant for Model Trains, RC models, etc.

  • Our Pin Point applicator allows you to insert Lubricant deep into the lock mechanism, and not a messy spray that gets very little of the actual lubricant into the lock mechanism
  • Fully Synthetic, all weather Lock oils, eco-friendly, bio-degradable,pet friendly
  • *PTFE (aka Teflon) has been called the slickest substance known to man
  • Use on both Indoor and Outdoor Locks of all shapes and sizes, Garage Door Mechanisms and Hinges For extended uses, read the full description below
  • All vehicle locks, RV ‘s, Campers, Combination Pad Locks,
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