Vaping and Ecig Mode Lubes

Labelle KleanerĀ© E-cig and Mod Cleaner with Conditioner – cleans your E-cig or Mod while laying down conductive film that improves current flow. Use KleanerĀ© to clean contacts, threads and places where conductivity is important. Safe to use on all metals and plastics. How do I know when to clean my Mod? – Look for dirt build up in or around threads and electrical contacts; if moving parts feel gritty when turning; when your Mod is hard to disassemble, or when more force is required to open. It helps to clean your E-cig or Mod once or twice a week. For heavier users, cleaning is recommended more frequently.

Labelle TORQUE is an extremely versatile lubricant and has an unlimited number of uses for threads,switch locks, atomizter connections orparts that move.

Ever had a seized threads or seized switch?

Labelle TORQUE is a preventive lube used after cleaning to keep you from using damaging tools or chemicals to free seized parts.