Wholesale PPE – Reusable & Disposable Face Masks

WHOLESALE PRICING ON OUR Covid-19 and Social Distancing MASKS

Labelle Industries, a Reliable Supplier Since 1975 to thousands of retail stores in the USA. A USA based Company, shipping from Tucson, Arizona
For Church Groups, Charities, Retail Re-Sellers, Construction, Factories, Schools, and Governmental Agencies...

Vital Information you need to check on when ordering Face Masks:

We are sure you will check our pricing with others on the web. That is OK with us, just make sure you check all the details from others on the web.

• Our KN95 Multi-ply (non-Medical Use) Masks are "Certified", that means the manufacturer has the required testing done on their masks to meet the requirements of the FDA and is registered with the FDA, there are a lot of poor quality masks being imported that do not meet the FDA requirements.

We can provide a copy of the FDA Registration on our masks upon request. Ours is one level below "Medical Grade" and rated by the FDA for Construction Industry, and General Factory use, as well as general civilian use.

• The 3-ply Dust and Smog Masks are not required to have FDA Registration, but many being sold are only 2-Ply, so read the descriptions carefully on any other website you look at.

• Lead Time on delivery. Many of the cheaper priced masks you will find advertised are being "drop shipped" direct from China or India and delivery maybe be up to 4-6 weeks in the future. All our Labelle masks are in stock in our Arizona warehouse, and ship within 2 Business days.

Why are our Wholesale Minimum Quantities so low?  

We understand Church groups, Charities small business owners are on a tight budget, and that is why we offer very low minimum orders on our Wholesale masks.

Selling masks is a sideline to our main business of selling specialty lubricants. We want to help get our country moving again!

If you need more than our minimum package size, just order multiple packages.

(All are Non-Medical Grade Products)


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