Labelle Model Train Lubricants

LaBelle Lubricants have been the preferred choice of model railroaders for over 40 years.  Many of the top expert model railroaders even recommend them by name in magazine articles they write. LaBelle Lubricants are formulated from the finest raw materials available from chemical and petroleum industries and are specifically formulated for the miniature motors and tiny gears found on model railroads,

NEW! Range Time™ Firearm Lubricants

These aren't your Grandfathers Firearm lubes!

Designed to exceed Mil-Spec requirements for protecting and maintaining firearms.


NEW! Truck and Car Lock De-Icer

Be Prepared !

Living where winter still has 3-4 months left?

Planning on a trip to a Ski area, or Grandma's house where winter still has 3-4 months left? (Some Ski areas plan to be open till April 15th this year)

Buy some De-Icer today to take with you on that winter trip, or keep in your garage when that "OMG" date arrives, and your vehicle has frozen door locks.


Labelle R/C & Drone Lubricants

Two New Lubes for the R/C,  Drone, and Robotic devices using Micro-Motors, Servos and Gear boxes up to 1/4 HP in size. 

Both Contain "PTFE" which has been called "the slickest substance known to man"

Labelle Lubricants - Many of our Lubes Contain PTFE!

Never heard of "PTFE" ? Well here is the low down.
PTFE has been called "the slickest substance known to man"

     "PTFE" is the parent chemical we all commonly know as "Teflon®"**. But we are using that same chemical as an additive in many of our lubes (where it  improves performance). PTFE additives are very expensive (and also takes some expensive mixing equipment) and that's why few companies bother to use it. Especially those that sell their "lubes" in mass market outlets such as national chain hardware stores, and big-box outlet stores. They have to save every penny they can to match the prices of their competitors.

    But we know you have invested a lot of money on the high quality products that you own which need a good reliable Lubricant to keep them operating at top performance. (Especially expensive Robotic and Quad-Copters, or other R/C aircraft). The alternative is not only poor performance, but maybe they just stop working while in mid-flight and crash to the ground, taking your expensive arial camera down with them, or delaying your finishing that aerial inspection you had contracted to do.

     Or are you are using a "cobot" Robotic item mixed in with human workers on the assembly line? Down time of the "cobot" because of failed lubrication, also means down time for those human workers who are on the time clock. Plan ahead, clean and lubricate all those pieces of automation on a regularly scheduled basis.


 **Teflon® trademark name is owned by DuPont Chemical.